How do you make a lean transformation effectively

Mirandola (MO), Thursday, 19 September 2013 from 17:00 at AIMAG, Via Maestri del Lavoro, 38.

The Quality Center Network presents the initiative “Collaborate to Compete”

The best companies have their own methodologies dedicated to the growth of the culture of innovation in the area of biomedical Mirandolese promoted through the transfer of know-how managers and technicians of the companies. Will in fact be excellent representatives of the industries of the District to tell their experiences, putting in comparison with the participants of technical and organizational issues in order to analyze and make available their best practices to interested parties.

During the appointment will be presented the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing and some practical examples of implementation in the company of this methodology. Often the Lean is associated with a number of tools and techniques to be implemented with the aim of reducing costs of various kinds, but in reality, to be able to achieve a true transformation and achieve lasting results must embark on a journey to excellence that takes into account all aspects of its operations.

During the ‘meeting will be given ample space to the comparison between the present.